Currently, the work of SHARE is based on the generation of development opportunities for entrepreneurial people of Guatemala; to whom we offer entrepreneurial and financial training, focusing on sustainability. SHARE reaches the communities with most needs and inspires people through the Entrepreneurial Development Program; this has been worked in Guatemala, Jutiapa, Chimaltenango, Alta Verapaz, Baja Verapaz, Huehuetenango, Quiché, Sacatepéquez and Santa Rosa.

SHARE implements and leads the innovative Program: SHARE Tours, creating a link between cultures, through shared cohabitation and development support with the participation of a group of foreign tourists in rural communities with vulnerable situations in Guatemala.

Likewise, SHARE continues supporting Education in Guatemala encouraging entrepreneurship through scholarships for Highschool Girls in Chimaltenango and Tecpán, thanks to the support of Target.


Know which ones

In the department of Huehuetenango, with the support of the State University of Kansas and Nebraska of the United States of America, within the framework of the USAID Laboratory of Post-Harvest and Innovation, a research of maize and testing of drying and storage technologies has been implemented with a group of local farmers.

It also works alongside CONRED in the Strengthening of Municipal Capacities for Risk Management and Gender Inclusion with the support of OFDA-USAID, in the departments of Petén, Quetzaltenango, Huehuetenango, Zacapa, Izabal, Alta Verapaz, Baja Verapaz, Chiquimula, Sacatepéquez and Escuintla.