SHARE carries out different activities as part of their own projects and programs; these two help support their own strategic vision in which we promote sustainability and development through our own methodologies in each intervention.
Continues to support education in Guatemala by encouraging entrepreneurship through EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIPS FOR BOYS AND GIRLS in the departments of Alta Verapaz, Baja Verapaz, Chimaltenango, El Quiché, Huehuetenango and Guatemala.
Also develops the POST-HARVEST LOSS INNOVATION LAB from USAID, a program initiative developed in 5 countries worldwide, investigating the practices of planting and harvesting of maize, testing drying and storage technologies appropriate to the context, and leads trainings of rural extension agents from universities, government, NGOs, local organizations and local farmers.
A research of maize and testing of drying technologies is being performed with a group of local farmers in the department of Huehuetenango with the support of the State University of Kansas and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln of the United States of America within the framework of the USAID Post-Harvest and Innovation Laboratory.